The wildfires in Greece have devastated thousands of lives all over the country with more than 70 people confirmed dead, 200 injured and dozens still missing. These numbers are growing. With so many left homeless and loss of livelihood, we encourage you to donate to help those in need if you are able. Below is a list of donation sites for you to consider:

Whether a member, political figure or local business owner, we encourage you to become a Sponsor of this event and promote your business or message in the 2022 UHVA Yearbook. Deadline is May 6th. This yearbook is handed out to the attendees of this event and it is distributed to all members and friends of the UHVA throughout the year.

The UHVA Statement on Turkey

Currently, the UHVA and all Greek-Americans are deeply concerned about Turkey’s provocations and aggressive military actions in the eastern Mediterranean.  Click for more

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Join us as we honor our the legacy of our found father, Dimitrios Kyriazopoulos, as well as, our 2022 Persons of the Year.  Meet political officials, current candidates and members of our Greek community.  Covered by the media of the Hellenic community, this is the most important annual gathering of our organization. 

Established in 1974, the United Hellenic Voters of America (UHVA) is a non-partisan grass roots political organization serving the Greek-American community in the Chicago metropolitan area with chapters in several other parts of the country. The UHVA is dedicated to addressing issues that are vital to Greek-Americans by actively participating in political and community affairs and by establishing close relationships with our elected officials. 


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Wildifires in Greece 


We have received countless messages filled with stories of how he effected so many lives. From a first job to a position in politics or lessons in Greek dance to tutoring a college student in mathematics, Dr. K affected many lives in the most incredible ways.  If Dr. K made an impact in your life we want to hear from you! You can upload pictures, send us a message and/or upload a video! It may featured at our 2022 Annual Awards Gala.

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