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If you are running in the General Election in November and did not attend our Primary Endorsement Session it's not too late!

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​​​Highlights from the
45th Annual UHVA Awards Gala

The UHVA Statement on Turkey

Currently, the UHVA and all Greek-Americans are deeply concerned about Turkey’s provocations and aggressive military actions in the eastern Mediterranean.  Click for more

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Congrats on the Primary Elections

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On March 25th we commemorate
​This year marks the 199th anniversary. This is when Greeks remember their long struggle against the Ottoman Empire, an effort that eventually leads to Greece’s independence. It marks the beginning of the Greek War for Independence, not the end.  Click here to learn why it is so important for us to celebrate this day!

Proclamation on Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy, 2020

The UHVA, a non-partisan organization, was established to promote citizenship among people of Hellenic descent and establish relationships with other diversified populations lending a voice to the Greek American community..

The UHVA’s response to the falsehoods contained in a March 10 New York Times article titled
​“We Are Like Animals: Inside Greece’s Secret Site for Migrants”

The United Hellenic Voters of America condemn the New York Times for publishing a report, which wrongly claims that the Greek government is operating a “secret” site where it is detaining immigrants without following legal process. The report, “We Are Like Animals: Inside Greece’s Secret Site for Migrants”, is not based on facts, and it appears to be put together by amateurs
who have completely failed to observe the fundamentals of serious journalism.

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2019 Awards Gala Pictures

Pictures from the 45th Annual UHVA Awards Gala are up and ready for you! 

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