​​​United Hellenic Voters of America Celebrate 44th Anniversary  
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Βραβεία Ενωσης Ελλήνων Ψηφοφόρων
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United Hellenic Voters of America name Gov. Rauner Person of the Year

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Greek group names Elgin's Kaptain Mayor of the Year

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VIDEO: UHVA honors Governor Bruce Rauner as "Person of the Year"  
Official video provided by Illinois.gov archives  October 22, 2017

New Era for UHVA: Meet First Female National Chairman

Windy City Greek  |  Maria Karamitsos  |  August 22, 2016

The United Hellenic Voters of America (UHVA) Introduces First Female Leader

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Our Position on TURKEY


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Currently, the United Hellenic Voters of America and all Greek-Americans are deeply concerned about Turkey’s provocations and aggressive military actions in the eastern Mediterranean. Although Turkey has had a long history of provocative actions toward its neighbors and particularly toward Greece and Cyprus, in recent years under Mr. Erdogan, those actions have reached an alarming and dangerous level.

There have been numerous violations of Greek airspace and territorial waters by the Turkish military, while Mr. Erdogan has openly stated his disregard for international laws and treaties.

Turkish warships have been blocking a vessel belonging to an Italian energy firm from exploring for natural gas in the waters within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.    continue...