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Education is a priority for today's youth and those in need should be provided with the ability to achieve their educational goals. The program was originally in place many years ago but was stopped due to lack of leadership.  A scholarship program is important to the Hellenic youth of our country aiding them in their efforts to pay for their education.  The United Hellenic Youth is reinstating this program and looking to launch a donation campaign to help fund it. Applications will be available in the spring and we will announce the scholarship winners at our 2016 Dinner Dance event. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation or get involved.. 

Philanthropy is a large part of what this organization is about.  Please come back to this page soon as we establish our agenda.  

To make a request or provide information of an organization in need please contact us

Philanthropy & Volunteer Work

The United Hellenic Youth of America brings us a fresh perspective with new and innovative ideas.  They recognize the importance of educating our youth regarding the effectiveness of political involvement. 

"Not all of our members can vote yet but they will one day and they need to understand the issues so that they can ask the right questions and get the answers they need to better their future." says Arika Sypolt, President of the UHYA. "We are the future of this country and we need to be educated on the facts so that we can be prepared to lead this country in the years to come."  

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